DIY All-Natural Outdoor Spray

It’s almost summertime!  For our family that means S’mores by the fire pit, walks to the park, eating outside on the back porch, and catching fireflies until the sun goes down.  My youngest daughter and I used to avoid being outside this time of year because of certain annoyances that made us itchy and miserable.  I hated using commercial outdoor sprays because they were loaded with toxins so instead, we just avoided going outside.

How to Make Non-Toxic Outdoor Spray
And then I discovered the power of essential oils!  This outdoor spray allows us to actually enjoy being outside with the rest of the family. It’s safe, non-toxic, and it works!

DIY Outdoor Spray


  • 4 ounce glass bottle
  • 30 drops Young Living Purification essential oil
  • 20 drops Young Living Peppermint essential oil
  • Witch Hazel
  • Water
  • Optional additional oils:  Palo Santo, Citronella (10 drops each)


  1. Add essential oils to glass bottle.
  2. Fill bottle half way with witch hazel then fill the remainder with water.

How to Use:

Apply liberally before going outside and reapply often.  Enjoy being outdoors again!


If you’re interested in knowing more about essential oils, click on the contact tab above and shoot me an e-mail.  I am slightly obsessed with them and I love sharing with others about how they have benefited our family.


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