My I’m-Almost-40-Years-Old Bucket List

Almost 40.  Almost. That’s incredible.  I’m not sure how time flew by so quickly because it seems like it was just yesterday that I was playing in the sandbox with my brother and now I’m mere weeks shy of 40 years old.

I decided to write a bucket list to celebrate starting the next decade of my life.  (Well, actually, I started this list several years ago but never posted it–and I’ve since completed some of the items on it!) Obviously these aren’t things I’m going to complete in the next six weeks but they’re things I’ll work on over the next couple of years.

My First 40 Years

I’ve done some cool things in my first 40 years. I visited New York City with my mama and got to see the Rockette’s, the World Trade Center, the Empire State Building, and the Statue of Liberty.  I played the slot machines with my Daddy in Atlantic City.  I visited the St. Louis arch and saw a Braves baseball game.  I visited Amish Country in Pennsylvania several times.

My passport with my India visa stamp.

I spent a semester of college abroad.  I visited the majestic Taj Mahal and a Hindu temple in India.  I rode in a rickshaw.  I rode an elephant while on a tiger safari.  I spent a of couple nights in a village at the foothills of the Himalayan mountains.  I enjoyed a week of vacation in Singapore.  I went snorkeling off the coast of Gili Meno Island in Indonesia.

Some of my traveling buddies and me with a native girl on the coast of Gili Meno Island.

I heard the early morning call to prayer at a mosque.  I taught conversational English to Indonesian adults and students.  I visited Borobodur Temple.

Borobodur Temple in Central Java, Indonesia was absolutely incredible!

I traveled in a choral group in college and got to visit the Gulf of Mexico, Ohio, Florida, and several other states.  I ran two half marathons and did a mud run.  And the greatest adventure of all…I gave birth to three amazing kids and am getting ready to adopt two more!

I love these five so much!  We can’t wait to officially be a family of seven! 

My Next 40 Years

I want to do some really cool things in my next 40 years too!  I want to be able to say that I did everything I ever wanted to do.  I don’t want to be 85 and say, “I wish I had ______.”  I want to do fun things with my kids while they are little and while they still want to do things with me.

I’ll be continually adding to and updating this list and I’ll probably have some crazy stories to share as I go along!

What is on YOUR bucket list?  I’d love some more ideas!

My Bucket List

Places to Visit:

1.  The Museum of African-American History in Washington, DC
2.  New Orleans, LA
3.  Key West, FL
4.  New York, NY with my family
5.  A Young Living Farm
6.  Alaska to see the Northern Lights
7.  Boston, MA
8.  Seattle, WA
9.  Kelowna, Canada (so my daughter can visit her best friend)
10.  Puerto Rico
11.  Niagara Falls
12.  France
13.  Pakistan (Yes, really. I have a missionary friend there who I would like to visit!)
14.  India again (because I LOVE it)
15.  Graceland (this has been on my list since I was a little girl)
16.  France

Active things to do:

1.  Go ziplining.
2.  Go river tubing in the mountains.
3.  Do a mud run.
4.  Complete a marathon (did I really just type that?)
5.  Run a 9 minute mile.
6.  Go Stand up Paddleboarding.
7.  Go kayaking.
8.  Go rock sliding.
9.  Play laser tag.
10.  Go on a hot air balloon ride.
11. Run a half marathon in another state.
12.  Go scuba diving.

Other things to do:

1.  Get another tattoo.
2.  Get a massage.
3.  Go to the Dirty Dancing Festival.
4.  Watch all the Oscar Best Picture winners.
5.  Go to a Drive-In Theater.
6.  Get dreadlocks (or, maybe just one or two!)
7.  Go to a concert with Aaron.

My Bucket List

That night we met the amazingly talented and ridiculously nice Drew Holcomb. 

8.  Fly on a trapeze.
9.  Quit biting my nails for good.
10.  Take a pottery class.
11.  Attend a music festival (Floyd Fest!)
12.  Get my nose pierced. 

My Bucket List

My 38th birthday present.  

13.  See a Broadway show.
14.  Meet New Kids on the Block.
15.  Get a henna tattoo.
16.  Go to a Pearl Jam concert.
17.  Get an accupuncture treatment.
18.  Become foster parents.
19.  Go on a road trip with my best friend.
20.  Play the lottery (and win some money!).

My Bucket List

Dolla dolla, make me holla!  $10 in tickets turned into $40 in winnings!

21.  Read the bestselling book from the year I was born (The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough).
22.  Write and publish an e-book.
23.  Graduate all three of my girls from homeschooling.
24.  Travel around the country in an RV.
25.  See the Mona Lisa and the Eiffel Tower.
26.  Research my ancestry.
27.  Learn the presidents in order.  (Yeah, I never learned that!)
28.  Beat my hubby at mini-golf.
29.  Swim with dolphins.
30.  Ride a Segway.
31.  Live at the beach.
32.  Go with my Daddy to a Tar Heels basketball game.
33.  Learn how to do yoga and do it well.
34.  Exercise on a Rebounder.  (Yes. Seriously!)
35.  Retire from nursing by the time I’m 50.
36.  Meet Sarala, our little girl we sponsor in India.
37.  Take a college course in complementary medicine.
38.  Hug a koala bear.

How to Write a Bucket List

Have you ever written a bucket list?  I love the idea.  Bucket Lists have pushed me outside of my comfort zone in the past.  They’re also great for giving me ideas for adventures.  So when I have a free weekend and need something to do I can just check my bucket list!

Bucket lists are fun because they can include small things (like beat my hubby at mini-golf!) or large things (like backpack around Europe.) The sky is the limit and it’s all up to you!

If you get stuck while writing your bucket list, I found some great resources for ideas.

You can also find some books full of ideas on Amazon.

What is on your bucket list?  I would love some more ideas.  I’m looking forward to completing things and then adding new things as the years go by!


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