Welcome to Big Family Adventures!

Welcome to Big Family Adventures!  If you’re still following me from my earlier blogging days at Simply Healthy Mama then THANK YOU for sticking around.  If you’re completely new here then WELCOME!  Let me introduce myself.

My name is Laura and I live with my family in North Carolina.  My hubby and I have five kids–three joined our family the old fashioned way and two became a part of our family through adoption.  These kids make our lives so loud and busy and crazy but we can’t imagine it any other way.


Our family loves to spend time outside.  Well, most of our family.  Some of us (ahem, Aaron . . . ahem, Annagrace) need more convincing than others!  I’ve always loved being outside.  As a child I spent my summer days riding my bike to my grandma’s house, exploring in the woods around my house, jumping ditches (and sometimes falling in),  going fishing and crabbing with my daddy and going to the beach with my mama.

When my family started growing I found myself spending less and less time outdoors.  And I felt myself getting more and more depressed.  There is just something about being outside that makes me happy–the sunshine, the fresh air.  I just love it!  I decided that the kids were going to have to adapt and go along with me on my outdoor adventures or I was just going to have to go alone.  It’s not always rainbows and butterflies but thankfully almost all of my kids are outdoor people!  We love hiking, riding our bikes, going to the beach, and finding new places to explore.

I started Big Family Adventures to share how we enjoy life with a lot of kids and little bit of money.  Let’s be honest–life with five kids is expensive!  You won’t find us snow skiing in Colorado or vacationing in the Caribbean.  Most of our travel is within our own state and a lot of our trips are free.  Our adventures may not be extravagant or expensive but they are fun and we are making memories together!

If you’re interested in keeping up with our family’s shenanigans then go and follow me on Instagram!  It’s honestly my favorite mode of social media and the place you can find me most often.  You can also click on that green “follow” button below to receive an e-mail when I post on the blog.  Our family is in the midst of planning for our first family camping trip and with five kids and two parents who are complete camping newbies I can assure you it will be quite the epic adventure!  Don’t miss it!

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